Nora Alan Group LLC is a refurbished-modern approach to real estate investing. It is currently based in Wilmington, NC. 

Co-owner, Joshua Hodges, began to shape his career in real estate when he was in the second grade. "I use to get in trouble for drawing house plans because I was doing it during school," he laughs. "I always had big dreams. The home drawings always had helicopter pads, full hundred-yard underground football fields and two story saunas." 

He later attended St. Lawrence University and graduated with a major in Government and International Relations. This nurtured his passion for neighborhood + city development. 

Shortly following his time at St. Lawrence University, he enlisted in the US Army. Like all the men in his family he had a goal to serve his country.

"It was during my time in the Army that I continued to think about refurnishing old houses. I had this internal instinct to pursue it," Hodges says. It was two months later that he and his wife, Adrienne took the leap + bought their 1st home in downtown Wilmington.


The Hodges couple have a true passion for entrepreneurship & city development in Wilmington, NC. They're currently the owners of multiple homes. 

The Hodges live in downtown Wilmington with their two basset hounds, Jack and Sam. 

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E-mail Contact: Info@NoraAlan.com